Some of the more interesting stuff that we've done

Architectural Surveys

Can’t reach those high places? Let us have a look. It’s much easier to fly a high definition camera up than it is to put up scaffolding. Outside and inside, our UAVs can save time and money. See the Blog for some examples of 3D surveys.

TV site surveys

Art Directors can’t fly but we can. Want to get an idea of what a shot will look like? We can fly over and over and never get bored. You get instant feedback on high quality footage with experienced pilots and cameramen.

Tv and film

From long, wide, sweeping shots to action chases, our cameras capture the action in 4K RAW 10 bit 4:4:4. You get the raw files straight after the UAV has landed or we can process the data to a format of your choosing.

Go to scouts


We film Scouting events for free. One of the many examples is Big Camp 2015: 7000 scouts in a field with 500 activities. A challenging shoot, especially when the scouts thought the UAV was part of the show!

Concerts and events

With careful planning we can broadcast from above your event in real time via HDMI or YouTube.


From chasing sailors across the water to sweeping shots of cars speeding by, from field sports training to live kick-off, sports look great from the air.

Aerial film and photography for every situation

Safety first. UAVs (drones) can be very dangerous. Our first priority is the safety of the public, client, property and us.

Our equipment is always up-to-date, we are continually innovating and striving to provide the best film and photos with latest hardware. We have many platforms for different operation types. We fly a DJI M600 and Freefly Altas which can carry Epic-M Red Carbon Fibre Cameras with cm acuracy, DJI Inspires that can chase windsurfers over choppy water with a micro four thirds DSLR, plus racing drones capable of 120kph.

Crystalmark Aerial Photography is ITV and BBC vetted and approved. With experience working on shows large and small, busy locations and remote corners where cups of tea are rare, we are ready to be where you need.

We pride ourselves in providing quality services and strive to deliver rushes and tape logs within a few hours of operations.

Our pilots are BNUC-S licensed and are legal to fly nearly anywhere in the world. We are based in Leeds and Edinburgh which places us in easy reach of the whole of the UK and international airports.

We fly with one, two or three ground crew, depending on the task. Our equipment can be flown with a single pilot in control of the UAV and camera payload. If the job requires more finesse, an extra person can control the camera direction and yet another to control the camera settings and focus. This allows the perfect shot to be acquired without (many) retakes!

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